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New Begginings – Charo Ruiz Editorial


It’s been a while since I shoot those pictures. I was starting my previous project, Lovers Love Loving, with Claudia and it was great to have a brand like Charo Ruiz trusting me as a photographer for those bridal images for their catalogue. From that moment we have collaborated several times and it’s been a real pleasure. Claudia painted the pictures with watercolor and the result was a mix-media project I’m proud of.

Now this new adventure it’s beginning and it felt good to start with those images. I’m starting with this new project, “The Galaxy’s Edge”, as a natural move, to focus on photography and on trying to express what I’ve inside. I discovered a place to be in bridal photography, I love portraying as trying to capture the real soul of every one. I love people and I love watching inside of them… so photographing weddings, engagements, bridals, families, etc, is being able to capture their/your soul in this magic moment you are living or going to live. Being also part of this day, of this love story, it really is so exciting.

I feel grateful for my past experience in Lovers Love Loving, I’ve learned a lot and meet wonderful people which whom I feel lucky to be surrounded nowadays.

I hope you enjoy those pictures and want to share with me a piece of your path and a piece of mine.

charo-ruiz-milenaguell-13 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-07
charo-ruiz-milenaguell-12 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-11 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-09 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-08 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-06 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-05 charo-ruiz-milenaguell-02

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