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Intimacy, the magic of “before-moments”


Intimacy is a story about the excitment of the moments before the wedding, when the bride, (and the groom even if he is not in the pictures…), are dreaming and realizing that this peace of the dream is getting real. The excitement about the celebration of love, the intimacy of the moments before. The magic.

A wedding is a time to celebrate with everyone you love surounding you, this is one of the best parts of it, hugs, smiles, people’s love tears… but a wedding it’s also a ritual, it’s a time for you to change somehow your life, even if you are already living together and your commitment was strong for a long time. When you get married you are saying out loud to the world that this other human being is your choice now and for ever. And a moment like this in your life needs some intimacy, some letting yourself breath, be, relax… some letting your body realize this is really happening…. And, to me, this moment is this one, when you are getting ready, maybe it is some people arround you but there is silence inside you, this is a moment with yourself.

I loved creating this story with Jessie, we were planning a shooting at the beach for that day, but then there was a huge storm and we thought, we are not canceling it, and in a few hours we changed all the concept and styling and create one of my favorite shootings.

Jessie is an incredible hairdresser and make-up artist, she loves bridal cause she loves in-love-girls, the glow of happiness, the excitment of love, so she is is the perfect company for those magic intimate moments.

Charo Ruiz team was also amazing that day, we had ordered this amazing dress for a beach shooting and last time we changed everything and thanks to them we have those pictures! Thank you!

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