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Mariona and Dani – Sunset Wedding


The sea, their love, their friends, Ibiza, a sunset wedding.

Dani and Mariona’s love story was one of those fairy tales of love at first sight. He saw her, he knew it was her. Our story with them is also first sight love. From the first conversation Marina and me knew it was going to be amazing. We arranged a beers meeting and that, sir, is like a promiss that everything is going to be alright.

They got married on a crescent moon night wich is a simbol of begginings, of love, it’s the sky blessing a path, a choice, what else can someone ask for the day they start a jorney like this?

Mariona’s “Rosa Clara” dress is a dream came true, it turned her into an amazing and gorgeous greek goddes for us all to admire. And don’t forget about the flowers crown… He wore a blue suit with a patterned bow tie, they were a perfect match.

I’m a crybaby, I usually drop some tears at every wedding, during the speaches, or seing their emotion while getting dressed, or… many things can make me cry… But I don’t remember another wedding where I’ve cried that much. While Mariona was getting ready, her brother was reading a text for her, a beautiful one, I think that was the first time I cried. But I think one of my favorite moments of the day was when all their friends sang a song they had wrote for Dani, and he was swimming in tears, and she was holding him.

They are returning tomorrow from their honeymoon and in a few thays we’ll shoot their bridal session! So excited about it! It’s gonna be an adventure!

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