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Autumn & Michael Sea Wedding


Autumn  and Michael’s was an intimate celebration, a sea wedding at the cliff-amphitheatre of Ca Na Xamena in Ibiza. It’s one of the most espectacular views of the island. 30 guests, just the closest friends to live the magical ritual of tying the knot.

Autumn and Michael are an stylish british couple with a great sense of humour, that’s one of my favorite things about them, it’s been so funny meeting you, guys!

Her dress was one of my favorites so far, a 20’s inspired jewel dress that looks like you are time traveling and going to meet all those “Midnight in Paris” characters on a decadent but fancy party, talking literture, art and passion. Well done! Let’s go!

Theirs was a Sea Wedding, not just because they  choose to get married in an island but because just after the coctel we all went to Benirràs, one of the main spots to see the sunset. A man saw them and give them a piece of what, according to him, was the oldest pine of Ibiza. It was going to give them good look, I’m sure their love, their laugh, their people and the sun are already good luck, but it’s always nice to receive some more.

And then, the dinner, the party, again a time-traveling, not to the 20’s but maybe the 70’s, what a good music to dance, what a good dance whas theirs, so natural, fun, so like in a dream first date.

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