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Patri & Vicent’s Rural Wedding

Patri & Vicent live in one of the most beautiful places of Ibiza, in San Mateo, in a rural little house. You have seen their surroundings in their engagement pictures. Most people immediately relates this island with sea and beaches but there is actually much more, and the interior lands are one of my favorite landscapes here. Having the slow and lovely life they have it made so much sense to go for a rural wedding.

The day was fulfilled with cute details such as small white and pink flowers, sweets and the third star of the day the vintage roulotte! Everything was matching in colors, with pink and turquoise. Patri is becoming a wedding planner and her wedding was a great example of her style.
Her dress was the perfect one for her, classy and minimal, designed by one of my favorite brands, Laure de Sagazan, and she was unforgettably stunning in it.
They are the living example of passion, they are passionately in love with each other, they breath passion about their daily lives, their work, their travels. Their energy seems infinite!
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