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Marina & Simone in-home session


I’m ecstatic in gratitud for this amazing job I have. Every day I feel more and more connected with doing what I do. Being able to meet amazing and lovely people to laugh with. People from everywhere that share the fact of being in love with their partners and with Ibiza. Being asked not just to meet them but to witness their love, their intimacy, what they laugh about… it’s just too cool. Continue Reading →

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Patri & Vicent’s Rural Wedding

Patri & Vicent live in one of the most beautiful places of Ibiza, in San Mateo, in a rural little house. You have seen their surroundings in their engagement pictures. Most people immediately relates this island with sea and beaches but there is actually much more, and the interior lands are one of my favorite landscapes here. Having the slow and lovely life they have it made so much sense to go for a rural wedding.

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Mariona and Dani – Sunset Wedding


The sea, their love, their friends, Ibiza, a sunset wedding.

Dani and Mariona’s love story was one of those fairy tales of love at first sight. He saw her, he knew it was her. Our story with them is also first sight love. From the first conversation Marina and me knew it was going to be amazing. We arranged a beers meeting and that, sir, is like a promiss that everything is going to be alright. Continue Reading →

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Autumn and Michael – Love in Es Vedrà


I feel honoured by the chance to share some time with this gorgeous, (outside and inside), couple, in this magical place. She asked if I love Es Vedrà, and what can I say, who doesn’t? This place have something special that gets everyone attached to it, some magical good vibes are running free when you are near it. While dreaming, you can travel to a place like this. Imagine, you are on the top and all you see is sea surounding you. Little islands keep our fantasies alive, they make us feel the best version of solitude, they are a refuge, a retreat.  Continue Reading →